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Paris The human zoo

A human watching animals

Not too long ago, people from France and many other countries came to visit humans, locked up in cages, exhibited in front of a large audience and thrown in with animals at their local zoo.

Many people, (200 to 300 thousand) would visit these minorities who were like animals. The number of people intrigued by these human zoos became exponential, as 18 million came to visit the World Fair in 1889, held in Paris. Four hundred Africans and Aboriginals were displayed in front of a large crowd of people, stripped down half-naked and thrown into cages.
Source: The plaid zebra

Old bird couple, hiding behind love locks fences

A native crossing the road

Musicians feeding on grass

A rare bird, crossing a path

Hiding in the bushes. Reading poetry or litterature.

Not hiding in the bushes…

A baby human trying to follow his mother.

The crippled predator and the frightened prey

Sleeping during the day

Vigilance: alertly watchful, especially to avoid danger

Awaken by a street cleaner

Taking a nap after lunch

Couple mating, possibly thinking of leaving their own print